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Risk Engineer

The Risk Engineer will work with, and coordinate with multiple projects, project teams, and office employees and be responsible for the implementation of corporate-level risk management practices. The Risk Engineer will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Subcontractor Prequalification profiles via TradeTapp, lead the application of subcontract underwriting, issue Subcontractor contract insurance requirements, and review Subcontractor insurance certificates and policies for compliance with subcontract agreements. In this role, the Risk Engineer will work as an integral part of the Purchasing Team to manage corporate risk management strategies and coordinate daily with Projects Teams to track Subcontractor insurance policies and performance. The Risk Engineer will be the primary point of contact for all Subcontractor insurance-related activities, including communicating with UAG’s insurance broker for all projects. Working closely with the Purchasing Manager, the Risk Engineer will establish various risk management policies and procedures and coordinate these policies and procedures closely with the Operations, Preconstruction, and Executive Teams as well as Clients and Subcontractors and is expected to effectively communicate at all times.

Summary of Essential Functions

  • Develop, maintain, and cultivate effective working relationships with the key employees of the subcontracting and material supply firms that UAG engages with on our projects, as well as key UAG Employees, to ensure compliance with UAG Risk Management Strategies.
  • Possess a full understanding of general contract & subcontract terms and requirements.
  • Possess a full understanding of multiple insurance products, including SDI, CCIP, and broader risk management strategies.
  • Manage and track Subcontractor insurance requirements as pertaining to all general contract terms and requirements. Including the tracking and logging of all Subcontractor limits, policy expiration dates, etc.
  • Collect, review, and interpret as required Subcontractor insurance certificates and policies for compliance with subcontracts and UAG standards.
  • Coordinate with UAG’s insurance broker on all corporate GL and CCIP projects, including distribution to UAG’s insurance broker of all subcontractor insurance policies after Risk Engineer’s review.
  • Manage the enrollment of all Subcontractors in UAG’s CCIP(s) with the support of UAG’s insurance broker.
  • Manage, in conjunction with the Project Team, the tracking of all lower tier subcontractors and their insurance policies.
  • Manage, in conjunction with the Project Team, policies to track Subcontractor and Sub-tier Subcontractor insurance compliance prior to being granted site access.
  • Initiate all UAG requests for corporate insurance coverage and review for compliance with General Contract and/or Construction Management Agreement.
  • Understand and promote the UAG “Excellence 360” culture and safety platform and work with the UAG Safety Management Team to implore the successful administration of all UAG and Subcontractor insurance products.
  • Enforce UAG’s Corporate Safety plan by ensuring all related elements are accounted for during procurement and risk management. Assist the Operations Staff in creating standards for Major Safety items such as OSHA Protection awards, 6’ fall for Steel, Concrete Deck tie-off, etc. Assist Operations with ensuring that all contract documents and insurance requirements are up to date with any Safety Modifications.
  • Manage and review all UAG pre-qualification and risk management profiles for all Subcontractors.
  • Preform, evaluate, and underwrite Subcontractor risk management profiles via TradeTapp and develop and formulate Risk Management strategies in accordance with UAG corporate policies and SDI product requirements.
  • Ensure the UAG Master Bid List includes pertinent risk management information.
  • Utilize UAG Subcontractor Risk Aggregate reports to monitor and track Subcontractor backlog risk and verify updated backlog information is maintained in TradeTapp.
  • Ensure that all MWLBE workplace participation goals are being met by implementing and track percentages during preconstruction, procurement, and construction. Maintain a master’s bidder’s list for all MWLBE subcontractors. In addition, assist with management of ensuring that all projects comply with the UAG M/WLBE Policy and Procedures.
  • Work with UAG’s project consultants to report ICAP & MWLBE compliance with the respective project lenders and city agencies.
  • Attend City Agency kickoff and compliance meetings as required to meet ICAP, Affordable NY, DOT, DOB requirements.
  • Manage the initial and renewal filing(s) of DOB, DOT, FDNY, and DEP permits as required.
  • Manage and certify the correction of DOB & DOT violations as required.
  • Create UAG Subcontractor ‘report card’ for review of Subcontractor performance during closeout procedures.
  • Maintain and track a database of all UAG Subcontractor Risk Management Plans.
  • Coordinate with Accounting Team during the requisition process to ensure all purchasing, insurance, and risk management requirements are met prior to Purchasing Manager sign-off and payment, including all Subcontractor Risk Management Plans as well as Off-Site Payment Requirements.
  • Assist the UAG & Sphere teams in claims management as required.
  • Assist the UAG Team in managing, interpreting, and maintaining the Affordable New York Average Hourly Wage Rate Model to comply with City requirements and Affordable NY Legislation

Summary of Secondary Functions

  • Assist Purchasing Team in Maintaining the Master Subcontractor Database
  • Assist in updating and maintaining Subcontractor Unit Price Database
  • Assist in updating and maintaining Subcontractor Labor Rate Database
  • Assist in updating and maintaining UAG General Conditions Database

Minimum Requirements

4-year college degree or equivalent work experience desired
Previously 3-5 years experience in Construction Risk Management preferred
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Working knowledge of CMIC is preferred
Working knowledge of TradeTapp/Subcontract Underwriting is preferred
CRIS Certification is preferred
Filing Representative License with the Department of Buildings preferred

Abilities Required

  • Ability to manage and prioritize tasks/projects with little supervision.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Positive attitude and effective team player.