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Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Agent will be responsible for fully managing procurement on multiple projects from purchasing planning through contract execution. Candidates should be able to work autonomously and should have an intermediate proficiency level in assessing risk, negotiating contracts, organizing procurement, and should effectively work with project teams.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities (manage/prepare directly):

  1. Fully manage the entire procurement process from start to finish.
  2. Work closely with Project Teams, Executive Teams, and Accounting before, during, and after awards.
  3. Curate responsible bid lists and ensure short-listed bidders are qualified, responsive, and responsible, and that bids are level.
  4. Manage ongoing project procurement planning.
  5. Analyze Subcontractor risk and recommend risk mitigation measures.
  6. Review Subcontractor insurance coverage for compliance.
  7. Negotiate Subcontracts, supervise awards, and supervise contract administration.

Minimum Requirements:

3+ years of experience in construction estimating or purchasing

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

A basic understanding of accounting and financial analysis preferred

An intermediate understanding of insurance/ CRIS Certification preferred

Strong communication skills

Strong organizational skills

Strong sense of team

Passion for fast-paced environments


Positive attitude