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NYC DOB Licensed Site Safety Manager

The Site Safety Manager is a position that reports to the Safety Manager and works closely with the Project Team. The Site Safety Manager will work closely with UAG operations team ensuring regulatory safety compliance and loss control related subjects including but not limited to; safety, health, environmental, fire protection / prevention. Observes and enforces compliance to NYC DOB, NFPA, OSHA, NEC, DOT, FDNY, and insurance related matters for UAG. The Site Safety Manager will help minimize the risk exposed on job sites and related accidents. They will monitor operations to eliminate hazardous activities, oversee UAG project for unsafe behaviors and compliance with all federal, state, local, standards and / or regulations and UAG policies.

Summary of Essential Functions

  • Provide all services required by New York City Department of Buildings for Licensed Site Safety Manager.
  • Provide all services required by FDNY for Licensed Fire Site Safety Manager, including to complete and maintain daily fire safety manager safety log.
  • Perform site specific worker safety orientations as required. Assist with leading UAG Excellence 360 Platform | UAG Safety 360 IFF Culture on the project.
  • Complete UAG’s Site safety log template per NYC DOB 3310.8.4, the daily log shall be completed and delivered to UAG project team by end of the work shift but no later than beginning of the next day work shift. The report will include visual observations, photographs, and a written narrative.
  • Perform UAG internal predictive analytical safety inspections daily and as required by UAG.
  • The Site Safety Manager will be an ambassador to ensure the UAG project team are completing quality required analytical safety inspections.
  • Works with UAG Safety Manager to analyze predictive analytic data and distribute the analytics to the project team.
  • Site Safety Manager will be required to attend foreman meetings, pre-plan safety meetings, safety meetings, project team meetings and discuss safety at minimum once a week to all subcontractors.
  • Will inspect and maintain daily safety logs for equipment / material permitted by UAG or under the supervision of UAG.
  • Assist project team maintain all NYC DOB Local Law 196 requirements and documentation including worker access control and training documents.
  • Assist with incident reporting and incident investigation. Work closely with UAG insurance auditors and investigators on worker comp / General liability claims.
  • Implements and monitors UAG Excellence 360 Operational Platform | UAG Safety 360 IIF Culture.
  • Assists the Safety Manager in developing and modifying policies and procedures for the implementation of UAG Excellence 360 Operational Platform | UAG Safety 360 IIF Culture.
  • Will be the Prime reviewer of subcontractor health and safety plans (HASP).
  • Actively involved with High Risk Activity Pre-Planning and daily pre-shift safety planning.
  • Review, collect, and maintain subcontractor daily pre-shift safety meetings, and other required safety documentation for project.
  • Inspects the construction site to assure compliance with UAG Excellence 360 Operational Platform | UAG Safety 360 IIF Culture including safety document management and all local, state, & federal regulations / standards.
  • Assists the Safety Manager in developing training programs related to UAG Excellence 360 Operational Platform | UAG Safety 360 IIF Culture.
  • Oversees the enforcement of disciplinary action procedures for non-compliant contractors / employees.
  • Assists UAG Safety Manager in conducting training for UAG staff and contractors including tool box talks, OHSA related training subjects, UAG Excellence 360 Operational Platform | UAG Safety 360 IIF Culture. And NYC SST certifications if applicable.
  • Liaise with UAG staff and 3rd party vendors and report findings to UAG Safety Manager.

Minimum Requirements

Applicant shall hold a current NYC DOB Site Safety Manager License and FDNY C of F Construction Fire Safety Manager. Applicant should also have knowledge of federal, state and local safety, fire and building codes and safety rules and standards for construction.

Proficient in Microsoft Office programs including word, excel, and power point.

Required certifications: OSHA 30 for Construction, NYC DOB Site Safety Supervisory Training Card.

Preferred certifications: Certified OSHA 500 and 510 construction trainer