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Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for overseeing the administrative duties of the Office Manager and the Human Resources Manager. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for ensuring that the UAG office environment provides exceptional internal and external services to clients, staff, and those who encounter UAG. This role is an introduction to UAG and requires an acute awareness of professionalism to successfully manage and control all office functions pertaining to reception duties, administrative support, technical support, document management, and an overall positive environment.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

– Assist Office Manager with daily opening and closing duties of both floors (turning on lights, replenishing kitchen and printer station supplies, inspecting bathrooms and conference spaces, etc.)

– Provide organizational and clerical support to CEO, SVP of Operations, Human Resources Manager, Office Manager

– Answer incoming phone calls and relay messages in a timely manner, including voicemail system

– Arrange and handle requested meals for clients, including personal lunches for CEO and SVP of Operations

– Greet incoming and outgoing guests and colleagues (offering beverages to clients and being readily available to assist)

– Maintain inventory levels of office supplies and equipment. Receive weekly groceries and stock kitchens appropriately

– Handle incoming and outgoing packages and deliveries daily. Ensure storage spaces are clean and organized

– Communicate closely with building staff to ensure smooth operation of deliveries, guest visits, and building compliance

– Assist Human Resources in seeing employees through an employment life cycle which includes: scheduling interviews, maintaining employee engagement, facilitating training, benefit-management, and onboarding/offboarding.


Minimum Requirements

A High School diploma is required. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Ability to be tactful, respectful, influential, and diplomatic when dealing with clients, subcontractors, and co-workers. Solid organizational, verbal, written and communication skills are a must.